We reproduce your message with images that stir up public attention.
Through close communication we will help you to visualize your message and guide you toward achieving the desired impact on your customers.
We are continuously looking for unique approaches to building a channel of communication through which you can connect to and share your message with the world.

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We possess the production know-how to tell your story or capture your image, assisting you with professional staff and video producers who have a wealth of experience and expertise with camerawork and lighting effects, and advanced computer graphics and editing. This enables us to produce a wide array of high-quality video content.

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From a global perspective, companies worldwide continue to make advances toward achieving comprehensive solutions that take the client seamlessly from creation to implementation. In the continuously evolving domains of movies, social media, and events, we can get your message out to the world through well-thought-out strategies, a wide array of technologies, and various forms of media.


Video Production・Movie Management

Limitless Potential in the Video Industry

Videos are an excellent communication medium, enhancing mutual understandingamong people and between dissimilar societies. We strive to create products that further the well-being of humans and all the world’s creatures, now and in the future. We are not simply in the business of producing videos based on information we receive from our clients.
We work tightly with the clients in designing videos. We listen to the clients’ requests,assess their company’s present condition, and devise approaches we feel would be most effective to achieve their goals. Then wedesign and propose basic themes and concepts, the target audience and settings for their videos, andsuitable public relations strategies. This comprehensive approach frees the client from having to consult numerous advertising agents, reducing both the time and cost invested in the conceptual work.

Services Offered

Company PR videos/DVDs (company profile,  investor relations, etc.)
• Product videos/DVDs (sales promotion, instruction, etc.)
• Commercials (for broadcast on television, the Internet, and other media)
• Event videos (opening imagery, recordings documenting the event, etc.)
• Exhibit videos
• Technical videos/DVDs
• Web-based video and motion graphics


WEB Promotion

Potential in Social Media

From time immemorial, humans have sought out ways to communicate their messages and convey their sentiments to others. The birth of videotechnology provided us with one of paths toconvey means of conveying our messages. This led to the production of interactive technologies that not only allow people to convey a message, but enable them to stay engaged in communication. As communications now turn continue to shift from one-way to interactive, we must begin designing and producing videos that can be integrated into the various ever-evolving social networking services.
At Eizo Sekkei, we have a firm grasp of the role of video in social media, and offer not onlyvideo production, but also services for integrating video with social media. We will conceive, design, and create content to ensure that our video content serves as a more effective communication tool in the world of realms of the various popular social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Services Offered

• Designing and drafting social media
• PR consulting for Facebook and other platforms
• Design, production, and operation services for Facebook, etc.
• Support for Web site coordination and PR activities
• Design, production, and operation services for Web sites
• Drafting business models employing social media
• Coordination with effective video content
• Proposing PR strategies for Web sites using video content

• Coordination with effective video content
• Proposing PR strategies for Web sites using video content


Event Promotion

Potential in Social Media

Video remains an essential component in stage events, conventions, and exhibitions.
We produce effective videos that complement demonstrations and presentations in at the event and also help to plan and produce the events themselves. We offer our clients a comprehensive solution for events, including everything from planning and scriptwriting to the production of videos used at the event, and even video-documenting the event itself.

Activity Results

Toho Gas, Food Industry Fair

Design and display their booth to attract potential customers, and demonstrate their products by creating a multisensory experience.

YAZAKI, Tokyo Motor Show (2009, 2011)

Design and display their booth to attract potential customers, and demonstrate their products by creating a multisensory experience.

YAZAKI, Automotive Engineering Exposition (2007 – 2012)

Design and display their booth to attract potential customers, and demonstrate their products by creating a multisensory experience.

Conference of Toyota Rental & Leasing Companies (- 2012)

Design and manage the conference.

Hotel Trusty Kobe Kyukyoryuchi

Design and manage their opening night party.

Hotel Trusty Osaka Abeno

Design and manage their opening night party.

50th Anniversary Celebration, Daria

Design and manage the event.

New Year Party, Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co., Ltd
Saloon Event, Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co., Ltd
Belly Queen Japan Tour

Design and produce various event programs.

Summer Event, Shinrinkoen (2009 - )

Design and produce various event programs.

Forum on the Culture of Women Shell Divers, EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea

Plan, design, and manage the event.

Kaigai Corporation, Japan International Aerospace Exhibition

Demonstrate their products.

SANDEN, Tokyo Motor Show

Design and display their booth to attract potential customers, and demonstrate their products.

Toyota Corporation, Tokyo Motor Show

Plan and design their press briefing in an effective way to best convey their message.


Cut up

With the advent of a digital lifestyle in which people can enjoy video anywhere, anytime, we are witnessing rapid and revolutionary changes throughout the world in the video industry. At Eizo Sekkei, we will continue to pursue sophisticated technologies and high-quality content to ensure that we can always meet our clients’ needs.



  • A Pedigree in Communication

    We believe that developing communication and trust with our clients is of utmost importance. During all phases of production, including the formulation of plans, shooting, editing, and recording, we maintain close communication with the client to ensure they are completely satisfied with the end result. Together with video production, the ability to communicate is one of our strengths.

  • The DNA for Video Production

    Our dedication to creating works that evoke strong emotions and elicit sympathy from the viewer is practically in our DNA. Together with our robust planning and video production skills, this trait can be leveraged to design content specifically for social media while considering business approaches customer-focused content based on a mutual understanding and a shared goal with the client..

  • Professional Awareness

    The scenario writer constructs a framework aimed at eliciting desired emotions. The cameraman captures those emotions. The director knows intimately how to connect with the viewers. We are conscious that all members must continuously hone their skills and refine their sensibilities to produce superior works. We continuously strive to provide works of the highest quality that possess a refined sense, without losing sight of the spirit of polished, sophisticated craftsmanship.


Company Info.

Company name Eizo Sekkei Co., Ltd.
CEO Tomizo Jinnno
Director Takeshi Mizuno
Hiroshi Iwasaki
Business Plan and produce videos, special events and exhibition programs
Established June 6 September. 1997
Capital stock 10 million yen
Head office Towa Park Building 401, Shin Sakae 2-4-5, Naka-ku,Nagoya 460-0007
TEL 81-(0)52-262-8415 FAX 81-(0)52-262-8418
Tokyo office 2-13-5 2F-202 Gohongi, Meguroku, Tokyo 153-0053
TEL 81-(0)3-5725-3002 FAX 81-(0)3-5725-3088
Primary financial backer Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Daisan Bank
Accounting period May 31
Affiliate Power Location


  • IMAGICA Corp.
  • tvCity Corp.
  • PALM Corp.
  • studiokikaku Corp.
  • MIX Co., Ltd
  • HEAT Corp.
  • Aero Asahi Corp.
  • Nakanihon Air Service Co., Ltd.
  • NTC Co., Ltd.
  • NAC Inc.
  • SIGMA SEVEN Co., Ltd
  • AONI Production Corp.
  • K&M PROMOTION Co., Ltd
  • Suyama Production Corp.
  • Tomodachi Co., Ltd
  • Chubu Matsushita System Co., Ltd
  • Sony International Finance Inc.
  • Tsubame release Co., Ltd


Innovative Ways of Staying Connected through Movies, Social Networking Services, and Applications

Social media has come to wield more influence than mass media in today’s society. However, traditional marketing strategies are not easily applied to social media. Successful marketing through social media depends on whether you can convert its participants into passionate fans willing to convey the benefits of your company, shop, or product to potential customers. Moreover, the links between advertisers and their audiences on social media are tenuous, at best. To keep casual fans connected, it is vital to deliver, at a moderate frequency, information that resonates with them and that might inspire them to occasionally purchase your products and help spread your message.
When backed by professional expertise, technical and organizational skills, information power, and budgeting, social media marketing can produce effective results in the business world.